Hourly rates

We charge by the hour, and in accordance to the level of electrician needed for the job.


  1. Electrical Engineer -               £24.00 or £180.00 per day
  2. Qualified Electrician -             £20.00 or £160.00 per day
  3. Apprentice -                            £na
  4. Please ask for London rates


Emergency callouts £50.00

Prices exclude vat

Any questions?

James Mills Electrical Contractors
147 Field Avenue, Canterbury
Kent, CT1 1TS


Tel: 01227 470113 or 07887 712179

E-mail: jamesmillselec@hotmail.co.uk


Emergency contact number

Outside office hours, please dial: 07887 712179

Our opening times

Mon to Fri 7.30 to 5.30  Sat 8am to 1pm


Advice about business installations

Receive information from our staff concerning the planning and implementation of all electrical installations and maintenance.

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